Dinner menu

For parties of more than 6 guests, please choose between the menu à la carte and the «Custom Made» for the whole table.


  • Organic egg from Salazie 22€

    Foie gras spoom, homemade smoked salmon, seasonal truffle, local shiitake and spicy spianata powder

  • The inspiration of the moment 23€

    Following the seasons and according to the Chef’s inspiration

  • Mushroom flavoured red lobster 23€

    Prepared like a tartar, lobster oil mayonnaise, finger lime, button mushrooms carpaccio

  • Heart of palm 25€ / +5€*

    Baked heart of palm, smoked Takamaka goat cheese, truffle crumble and bird’s eye chilies

  • Pan seared foie gras 25€

    Mushrooms stuffed duck breast, walnuts and dried up fruits condiments, passion fruit gel

  • Gravlax salmon and tuna duo 25€

    Maki style, glazed in japanese style, wasabi whipped cream, avocado and tangor dressing

* Half-board supplements


  • Toothfish with lobster coral crust 38€

    Cauliflower mousseline, Bellota Iberian ham & chayote confit with curry

  • Bourgeois snapper filet 34€

    Steamed with garden herbs, stir-fried corn and samphire, Rodrigue lemon confit, vinegared rice and lemon foam

  • Grouper 36€

    Roasted in curcuma butter, creamy leeks flavoured with fish stock, glazed barbel palm, coarsely grilled hazelnuts, bilimbi pickles, béarnaise sauce with turmeric

  • Toothfish carry 35€

    Rice, lentils from Cilaos and rougail

* Half-board supplements


  • Red Label guinea fowl breast 39€

    Marinated, cooked at low temperature, then roasted, glazed and grilled chayote, green pistachio and coconut condiment, basil pistou, gravy with coconut milk

  • Beef filet 49€ / +21€ *

    Butternut moussline cooked in a beef carry, baked potatoes, button mushrooms, juice with peppercorn from Saint-Philippe

  • Squab from les Avirons 49€ / +21€*

    Squab glazed with spicy pepper, velvety caramelized heart of palm, with seasonal leaves

  • Black pork stew from my friend Sergio Turpin 36€

    Rice, lentils from Cilaos and rougail

  • Pork board from my friend Sergio Turpin 39€

    According to the Chef’s inspiration (200g), tuber fine mousse, roasted vegetables, juice with truffle

* Half-board supplements

The «Custom-Made»

Let yourself be tempted by our live cooking station. You will enjoy a selection of freshly cooked fish, shellfish and meat.

45 €/person
Formula + dessert 59 €/person

This option is available every Friday and Saturday evening. This option is available for residents with half-board plan.


  • Sweet potato gnocchis 27€

    Shiitake soup, glazed seasonal vegetables and parmesan cheese

  • The truffle Burratina (120 gr) 35€

    Risotto with glazed tomatoes, black olives and truffle shavings


  • Cheese platter 21€

    Selection of cheese and jams from Mrs Pothin


  • The Chocolate and the sweet potato 16€

    70% dark chocolate cream, dark chocolate tuile, passion fruit jelly, sweet potato ganache, sweet potato crisps

  • Citrus pavlola, flambeed with aged rum 16€

    Meringue, citrus cream, organic vanilla ice cream, burnt orange and lemon slices, tangor gel, lemon and honey gel, old rum and coconut meringue sticks

  • Caramel barbel palm 16€

    Barbel palm poached in an organic vanilla and lemon syrup, traditional “Ti’son” cake and corn flour crumble, salted caramel ice cream

  • Tapioca pearls 16€

    Lime and coconut milk tapioca pearls, roasted pineapple, fresh kiwi, chocolate sticks

  • Cheesecake 16€

    Shortbread, pistachio and white chocolate whipped ganache, organic vanilla and rum and jelly, cream cheese, caviar lime, grape-rum ice cream

menu enfant

  • One main course, one dessert, one drink 26€


Toothfish fish and chips, pesto cocktail sauce

Pan seared shrimps with parsley 

Grilled catch of the day

Homemade chicken nuggets, stuffed with “Cap Noir” cheese and basil

Black Angus Cheese Burger 

Black Angus Tournedos

Roasted duck breast

Choice of 2 side dishes : cherry tomatoes salad, homemade french fries, penne with butter, sweet potato mousseline, pan-fried seasonal vegetables.



Homemade vanilla yogurt and its fruits confit

Ice cream cup (Choice of 2 scoops)

Menu for children below 12 years old.

Net rates – Service included

We provide you with a carafe of drinking water free of charge on request. All our dishes may contain some allergens. Our team is available if you have any question.

Origin of meats : duck and pigeon from Reunion Island, beef from France