Environnement au PALM Hotel & Spa

Environmental policy

Since 2010, the peaks, cirques and ramparts Reunion island are classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. This unique area coincides with the central area of Reunion island National Park. It covers more than 100,000 hectares, equivalent to 40% of the island’s area.

The exceptional wealth of the island, but also its fragility, pushed us since the creation of PALM Hotel & Spa in 2007 to integrate us in our environment in the most rational and responsible way possible and participate actively in the preservation of this remarkable wealth.

Paysage de La Réunion

The exceptional wealth of Reunion Island, but also its fragility, prompted us from the creation of PALM Hotel & Spa in 2007 to integrate ourselves into our environment in the most reasoned and responsible way possible, and to actively participate to the preservation of this remarkable wealth.

This approach has matured year after year, culminating in its formalization through obtaining the “Services d’hébergements touristiques – European Ecolabel ” certification.

The European Ecolabel is a voluntary mark common to all member countries of the European Union. Created in 1992, it is the only official ecological label recognized throughout the Union, issued in France by AFNOR Certification.

Certification Ecolabel Européen du PALM Hotel & Spa

Our engagements

Save energy and use renewable energy sources

Control our water consumption

Reduce the use of chemicals to a minimum

Reduce and sort our waste

Involve our team members and hotel guests on a daily basis

In your room

In order to reduce water consumption, sheets and towels are renewable at the customer's request.

Nespresso capsules are made from 80% recycled aluminum. Capsules infinitely recyclable, requiring 95% less energy than primary aluminum.

To encourage selective sorting, two garbages cans are available in your room.

We produce our own detergent and disinfectant with water, salt and a electrolysis process. Other products household appliances used at the hotel have them an eco-label.

In order to reduce our paper consumption, our room directory is available in a version digital. By scanning a QR code, you can consult all of our services, menus, and of course all our actions in favor of the environment.

Class A or LED bulbs have been installed in the rooms in order to limit energy consumption.

At the restaurant

The waters of the Palm offered at the restaurant are micro-filtered on site and bottled in glass to reduce our plastic footprint and promote the use of recyclable materials to infinity.

To fight against waste and pollution generated by individual packaging, we favor packaging rechargeable for our sugars.

A gourmet bag is offered to you at the end of your delicious meal to keep you going the culinary experience at home while struggling against food waste.

Our chefs work with local producers to offer you island specialties over seasons.

Our vegetable waste from kitchens and corn starch straws offered at bar are composted to enrich our plantations.