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Environnement au PALM Hotel & Spa

Environmental policy

Since 2010, the peaks, cirques and ramparts of Reunion island are classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. This unique area coincides with the central area of Reunion island National Park. It covers more than 100,000 hectares, equivalent to 40% of the island’s area.

The exceptional wealth of the island, but also its fragility, pushed us since the creation of PALM Hotel & Spa in 2007 to integrate us in our environment in the most rational and responsible way possible and participate actively in the preservation of this remarkable wealth.

This approach has matured year after year, leading to its formalization today through the certification of the European Ecolabel for the PALM Hotel & Spa.

The European Ecolabel is a voluntary certification common to all the members countries of the European Union. Created in 1992, it is the only official ecolabel recognized throughout the Union, issued in France by AFNOR Certification.

Certification Ecolabel Européen du PALM Hotel & Spa

Our engagements

Save energy and use renewable energy sources

Control our water consumption

Reduce the use of chemicals to a minimum

Reduce and sort our waste

Involve our team members and hotel guests on a daily basis

To date, many measures have been implemented in order for us to respect these different criterias, among them:

Power consumption

Use of low voltage light bulbs and pre-adjustment of air conditioning.

Energy saving

50% of the energy used on-site come from renewable energy sources.

Solar water heater

The water used at the spa, for the pool, the laundry and the kitchen is heated thanks to solar energy.

Cleaning products

On-site production of a detergent and disinfectant made with water, salt and an electrolysis process, respectful of the environment.

Water saving

Renewal of room linen, pool towels and hygiene product upon request. Double flushes in the whole hotel. Infrared taps in the common areas of the hotel.

Short circuit

Promotion of local producers, crafts and local associations.

Food waste

Proposal of the « Gourmet bag », the french doggy bag, to be able to bring your unfinished meal at home.

Plastic reduction

Still or sparkling micro-filtered water, served in glass bottles in our restaurants.


Monthly monitoring of energy and water consumption and frequent checking of hotel equipment.

Waste sorting

Waste sorting process implemented in rooms and different departments of the hotel. Collection and recycling of batteries, medicines, oils, greases, Nespresso caspsules, etc.


Limitation of individual packaging in favor or refillable, biodegradable or compostable packaging.

Organic products

Organic products available at AKEA Spa & Beauty and restaurants.


Bioclimatic architecture favoring natural ventilation.

Electric vehicles

Use of 100% electric vehicles for the operation of the hotel. Charging station available to our guests.

This approach concerns all those involved in the daily life of Palm Hotel & Spa, including management, team members suppliers and of course our guests. Everyone is involved, and we each play a role in contributing to the preservation of our environment.

We remain at your disposal to discuss our policy as well as all our actions and wish you an excellent stay at PALM Hotel & Spa.