From the mountain peaks to the idyllic beaches of the west coast, discover Reunion Island at your own pace. After a full day exploring the gorgeous landscapes listed as World Heritage Sites by the UNESCO, take advantage of the enchanting setting offered by Palm Hotel to resource yourself…

Concierge service

For a tailor-made experience, you will be able to count on the helpful tips and best addresses from our concierge service. As experts of the destination, they will advise you about the secrets corners of the island. They will also introduce you to some fascinating guides, to make you discover the authentic side of Reunion Island… For your specific requests, such as a romantic setting in room, activities ‘bookings, or just simply for the organization of your transfers, our concierge service team is at your service.


La Saga du Rhum

In the heart of the old distillery of the island, the Saga du Rhum offers a sensory journey, combining the history of Reunion with the rum industry. At the end of the visit, you can enjoy a tasting of the wide range of rums offered by Isautier.

Duration: +/- 1h15, tasting included
Journey from the hotel: 20 min

Le Domaine du Café Grillé

Go back in time by discovering the history of the great cultures that have shaped the history of the island, including the emblematic Bourbon Pointu coffee.

Duration: +/- 1h30
Journey from the hotel: 25 min

L’Escale Bleue

Many times awarded, blue vanilla stands out for its softness and finesse. Thanks to an innovative preparation process, this exceptional vanilla is entirely edible. It delights the greatest pastry chefs. Nicole and Aimé Leichnig welcome you for a tour of their farm during which you can perfect your knowledge of vanilla, from its production to its processing.

Duration: +/- 45 mins
Journey from the hotel: 1 hour


The sea turtle observatory is an interactive museum aimed at making visitors aware of the environment in which sea turtles live. It is also a care and rehabilitation center for injured or sick turtles released at sea once cured. Fun and educational, this visit will delight the whole family !

Duration of the visit: +/- 1 hour
Journey from the hotel: 40 min

Museum of Villèle

Come and discover the large estate once belonging to the wealthy and controversial Desbassayns family. The residence is full of furniture and decorative art objects as well as permanent collections : portraits, lithographs, engravings… During a visit, retrace the history of slavery in Reunion.

Duration: +/- 1h
Journey from the hotel: 50min

Le Jardin des Parfums et des Épices

Located on an old volcanic flow, the Garden of Perfumes and Spices welcomes you in a lush garden, rich in 1500 endemic and indigenous plant species. At the end of the visit, you can discover a selection of products prepared from plants and spices from the farm.

Duration: +/- 1h30
Journey from the hotel: 40 min

Le Conservatoire Botanique des Mascarins

On the heights of Saint-Leu, the botanical garden of Reunion Island welcomes you for a free or guided visit to an area of ​​more than 4 hectares. In addition to an extensive collection of endemic plants, you can discover various temporary exhibitions throughout the year.

Duration of the visit: +/- 1 hour
Journey from the hotel: 45 min


Crédit photo : IRT/Studio Lumière

Renowned for its slides, this exceptional canyon also allows you to experience abseiling. Optional jumps from 2 to 8 meters are also offered for the more adventurous. During this water ride, you will also cross an ancient magmatic reserve and discover some geological features of the island.

Duration: +/- 7h
Journey from the hotel: 2h15

Crédit photo : IRT/Serge Gélabert

Fly over the crystalline lagoon and the grandiose landscapes of Reunion Island during a paragliding flight. In full flight, you will be able to learn how to pilot the two-seater by following the advice and instructions of your pilot.

Duration: from 20 min flight
Journey from the hotel: 40 min

Dive into the blue waters of the Indian Ocean and meet dolphins in flippers, masks and snorkels. From May to October, during the austral winter, you may have the chance to come across whales along the coast of Reunion Island.

Duration: at least 3 hours
Journey from the hotel: 50 min

In the company of Manou, you will witness the magical spectacle of a sunset, in a unique atmosphere.

Duration: +/- 4h
Journey from the hotel: 50 min

Enjoy a cruise aboard the largest catamaran in the Indian Ocean ! Cetacean, thematic or sunset cruises, let our concierge know your preferences.

Duration: +/- 2h30
Journey from the hotel: 1 hour

The exploration of lava tunnels is a unique activity not to be missed in Reunion Island. In the company of specialized guides, dive into the bowels of the earth and discover breathtaking underground landscapes.

Duration: +/- 2h30
Journey from the hotel: 1 hour

Beaches & pools

Crédit photo : IRT/Frog974

With its large expanse of white sand, Grande Anse beach is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. You can enjoy the natural swimming pool to cool off. Lined with coconut palms, the idyllic setting of Grande Anse is a place particularly appreciated by Reunion Islanders for a weekend picnic.

Journey from the hotel: 5 min

The Manapany-les-Bains site is particularly prized for its natural swimming pool bounded by basalt rocks. This charming corner with lush vegetation is also the privileged habitat of the green lizard of Manapany, an endemic species of Reunion Island.

Journey from the hotel: 15 min

With its multiple waterfalls, the Langevin waterfall, also called the Grand Galet waterfall, is certainly one of the most beautiful on the island. It attracts many visitors every weekend who go there for a family picnic.

Journey from the hotel: 50 min

Boucan Canot beach is not protected by a coral reef. However, a swimming area is equipped with an anti-shark net allowing swimming. A natural seawater swimming pool has also been set up for families.

Journey from the hotel: 55 min

Crédit photo : IRT/Stéphane Godin

The Hermitage beach is protected by a coral reef allowing you to swim in complete safety. The generally calm and clear makes it one of the favorite beaches for families. Take the opportunity to discover the richness of the underwater environment equipped with flippers, mask and snorkel.

Journey from the hotel: 52 min


Culminating at an altitude of 2632m, the Piton de la Fournaise is one of the most active volcanoes in the world ! It erupts regularly throughout the year, offering a magnificent spectacle to visitors.

Journey from the hotel: 1h40

Crossed by the forest road of the volcano, the Plaine des Sables offers an unreal lunar landscape with reddish and bronze reflections. Change of scenery guaranteed !

Journey from the hotel: 1h30

On the south coast of Saint Philippe, the panorama of Cap Méchant offers a coastal landscape typical of the Wild South. You can admire the lava cliffs beaten by the backwash of the waves.

Journey from the hotel: 35 min