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Full-body treatment, inspired by Asian modelling techniques ; with gentle and deep pressures, personalized to your liking. Choose one of our scented massage oils or discover our signature fragrance “Spa Secret”. 50 min. - 95€

Aqua Sens

A return to your roots… A very special treatment immersed in hotel’s pool warm water, for a unique experience of letting go and free body expression. A combination of watsu and shiatsu with gentle movements and stretching. 50 min. - 95€


A massage using bamboo, combining softness and firmness. A full-body modelling with relaxing and dynamic effects to awake your senses. 50 min. - 95€

Baby soon

A full-body modelling using neutral oil, specifically dedicated to mums-to-be. 50 min. - 95€

Newlyweds Ritual

Personalised welcome, scented steam bath, mineral treatment with semi-precious stones or Akea massage, according to your preference, fresh fruit juice cocktail or glass of Champagne to share in a flower bath. 1h20 - 250€ for 2 persons

Akea Ritual

Akea massage followed by a scented flower bath, to pursue your sensory journey. 1h20 - 140€

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Mineral treatment with semi-precious stones

Discover the energy drawn from Madagascar’s semi-precious stones and polished marble pebbles from Bali; the gentle heat from the oils and freshness from/of the stones stimulate your core energy. The stones slide on your body providing an endless feeling of relaxation.
50 min. - 95€

Zen Balance

Face and skull massage, to relieve you from all tensions and stress.
30 min. - 60€


Escape yourself with this very relaxing upper-body treatment (back, shoulders, arms, hands, face and skull). A pure moment of bliss…
30 min. - 60€

Asia Touch

An energetic traditional chinese treatment inspired by the Tui-na massage. Based on the improvement of the vital energy’s flow (Qi), to enhance body and mind wellness. It is carried out with the client dressed and without oil. It is an invigorating and revitalizing treatment implying stretching and pressures in line with your breath.
50 min. - 95€

Dream of Siam

A ritual dedicated to princes and princesses from the Kingdom of Siam, more than 2 000 years ago… Pouches filled with herbs and spices (lemongrass, ginger, vetiver, turmeric, camphor…) are steamed and applied onto your body with circular movements. Herbs and spices release their benefits to provide you with an absolute feeling of relaxation.
1h20 - 140€

Earth Heaven

Face, skull, arms and hands (Heaven) and feet, calves (Earth) modelling. Focusing on body’s extremities, this wellness treatment which “re-balance” is the source of anti-stress and is ideal for pregnant women.
50 min. - 95€

Candle Touch

A cocooning full-body modelling where a candle’s vegetal wax turns into a warm and enveloping massage oil.
50 min. - 95€

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Spa philosophy

Your body as light as a gentle touch… Steam bath, stroke massage with oil, body scrub with coconut or local sugar crystals, scented flowers bath.
1h20 - 140€

Body Beauty exfoliating treatment

Give your skin a new glow with this full body exfoliating treatment with coconut or local sugar. Steam bath, body scrub, stroke massage.
50 min. - 95€

Organic Akea Velvet Face

Full face treatment for a glowing and dazzling complexion. 50 min of personalised treatment where precious hydrating organic agents will enhance your skin.
50 min. - 95€

Beautifying Organic Akea Face

The best of the organic face treatment : personalised treatment, modelling, cocooning. 1h30 of bliss to nurture your beauty.
1h30. - 140€

Akea Manicure

A manicure combined with a relaxing treatment: exfoliation with local sugar crystals, hydrating and refreshing modelling, manicure with classic or semi-permanent nail polish.
1h20. -
Classic : 85€ or Semi-permanent : 95€

Akea Pedicure

A complete treatment for magnificent feet : foot spa, exfoliation with local sugar crystals, relaxing modelling, pedicure with classic or semi-permanent nail polish.
1h20 -
Classic : 85€ or Semi-permanent : 95€

Akea Wax Epilation

For gentle waxing according to your needs: armpits, bikini line, calves, full legs, full-body wax.
Care reserved for our resident customers.
30 min. - 40€ / 45 min. - 55€ / 1h - 70€ / 1h30 - 90€

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Akea Formula

A 50-min Akea massage followed or preceded by a “Catch of the day” lunch, with a fresh fruit juice cocktail, and a choice of gourmet tea or coffee. 135 €

Kah Zen Formula

Formula for the day:
A 50-min Akea massage.
Lunch: Starter + Main Course or Main Course + Dessert according to the menu of the day, water or soft or beer. Access to Kah Beach facilities.
Access to the fitness room.
Valid Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., excluding public holidays, subject to availability

Subscription cards

AKEA name cards give you access to AKEA Spa & Beauty facilities, before or after your care . Free choice of your 50-minute care. They are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.
Card of 5 treatments: €420 / Card of 10 treatments: €760

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Special manicure for girls with “nail art”, chosen by your child.
Care reserved for our resident customers. Care for children aged 6 to 12.
30 min. - 55€

Aqua Sens Junior

A unique experience for children at ease in the water, full of new sensations.
Care reserved for our resident customers. Care for children aged 6 to 12.
30 min. - 55€

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