10 family friendly activities in Reunion Island.

In order to plan your next family vacation in Reunion Island, our concierge team has put together a list of family friendly activities to experience with your kids !

1 - Hiking around Piton Grande Anse.

If you wish to introduce your kids to hiking,  you may do so at Petite Ile. A hiking trail close to PALM Hotel will lead you directly to the magnificent Grande Anse Beach, its rocky peak and Petite Ile islet which is a protected area for the reproduction of local birds called “paille-en-queues”. This 2.30 hours loop is an ideal activity for your family holidays in Reunion Island. If you are lucky, you may even admire whales migrating along the coasts of La Reunion between May and October.

2 - Experiencing horse-riding with "Les écuries d'Eldorado"

At l’Étang-Salé, “Les écuries d’Eldorado” give to families the opportunity to experience horse-riding surrounded by nature. Over the course of a ride crossing the Étang Salé forest or on the black sand beach, young and old alike will discover the joy of horse-riding. This activity is available for children starting from 8 years old. Advanced booking with our concierge service is mandatory.

3 - Picking local fruits directly from the farmers.

Boost your energy by picking fruits directly from the farmers during your family holidays in Reunion Island.

Between July and October, the citrus season is in full swing at Petite-Ile. During this season, Luguy Yebo welcomes you in its fields on certain dates announced on his Facebook page. You may just sign up to participate at the next fruit picking activity.

After the citrus season comes the strawberry season at Montvert-Les-Hauts.

Between October and December, the small red fruit  takes over the fields at an altitude above 600 meters. Strawberry picking dates are announced on Facebook and an advanced booking is mandatory.

At last, it’s between April and August that you may go picking the ultimate local fruit: the strawberry guava. You may eat this little sour berry fresh or transformed as jam, jelly, ice cream or juice… You may find them along many hiking trails around the island. Otherwise, the Delatre orchard (Verger Delatre) open its doors each year in the heart of La Plaine des Palmistes.

4 - Jumping from tree to tree at a treetop adventure park.

Only a 15-minute drive away from PALM Hotel & Spa, the treetop adventure park Acroroc offers 5 playful trails accessible to both children and adults. In total, you may experience 40 games and zip lines, perched above the trees, along the cliff and river. With trails catering to children of 1,30 meters high, Acroroc is the ideal place for those looking for a rush of adrenaline during their family holidays in Reunion Island.


5 - Exploring the volcano museum : La cité du Volcan.

The volcano museum is an international learning center located at La Plaine des Cafres. On the way back from Le Piton de La Fournaise, you may stop by to learn more about the volcanic activity that gave birth to the island. Entirely renovated in a playful way, La Cité du Volcan allows everybody to learn more about the volcano while having fun.  Your adventure starts by crossing a rumbling lava tube. Following the path, you will come across a various exhibition rooms with interactive quizz, a volcano simulator or even a collection of volcanic rocks. Children may also get the chance to meet with “Ti’Krator”, the museum mascot.

6 - Playing the speleologist in the lava tubes.

After discovering the surface of Le Piton de la Fournaise, how about exploring below the surface ? Accompanied by an expert guide, this is an activity not to be missed during your family holidays in Reunion island. The aspiring speleologists will appreciate to weave in and out of the corridors and tunnels formed by the formers lava flows. Do not hesitate to ask our concierge team for some recommendations.

7 - Finding your way out from a tea plantation maze. (Labyrinthe en champ thé)


In the high plains of Saint-Joseph, the “Labyrinthe-en-champ-thé” invites parents and children to discover the unique tea plantation in France in a playful way. If you’d like to play along, you may answer to a few questions hidden in the tea plantation maze. After this instructive visit of the tea plantation, the whole family will be able to discover the tea aromas from Grand Coude while enjoying a breathtaking scenery.

8 - Cooling off while enjoying endless fun at Akoatys.

During summer, Akoatys is without a doubt one of the most popular place. This water park located in l’Étang Salé features a large choice of water slides, two whirlpool as well as a paddling pool for the little ones. The water park features a restaurant if you wish to spend the whole day at the park. This is without a doubt a refreshing activity for your family holidays in Reunion island !

9 - Stargazing at the "Makes"

At a 1000 meters altitude, the “Makes” offer the best possible conditions for stargazing. Some stargazing evenings are often organized by the Makes astronomical observatory. Each evening is divided in two parts. The first part consists in the observation and recognition of the stars visible to the naked eye. The second part of the evening focuses on the stars observation with binoculars and telescopes. An advanced booking is highly recommended if you wish to participate to one stargazing evening for your next family holidays in Reunion island.

10 - Having fun at "Croc Parc", a crocodile park.

Located in l’Étang Salé, Croc Parc offers multiple leisure activities. Apart from crocodiles, the park features a few installations for children such as a playground, inflatable structures, a mini-golf and 3 slides.


For additional suggestions for your next family holidays in Reunion Island, please feel free to get in touch with our concierge team.


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