Health and safety protocol

The health and safety of our customers, employees and partners are our priority, which is why the Palm and its teams have implemented additional measures to prevent health risks in connection with the covid-19 crisis and in accordance with the recommendations of the health services.

General rules

Simple and transparent communication: our health protocols is available to our customers, whether digitally on the hotel website, or in hard copy at the hotel reception. The technical sheets of the disinfectant products used in these procedures are also available.

Hydroalcoholic gel is available in all common areas of the hotel to encourage our guests to wash their hands as often as possible.

Counters at the front office, concierge services and spa are equipped with a protective glass. Floor markings are also visible to encourage social distancing. “Entry” and “Exit” are clearly defined at the entrance of the front office and at the restaurants.

Wearing a mask is compulsory for all our guests and associates, when walking around the hotel.

The payment by card is highly recommended and encouraged. The payment terminal is systematically disinfected before and after handling.

Intervention of our teams in rooms : the intervention of our team in room will only be done in the absence of customers in the room. Wearing a mask and washing hands are mandatory before and after each intervention. (technical intervention, turn-down service, etc.)


  • The busiest areas of the hotel are cleaned with a frequency of at least 4 passages per day. Traceability of passages by zone is ensured by filling in dedicated sheets.
  • A frequent cleaning of contact areas is carried out regularly. (door handles, toilets…)
  • Entrance doors to restrooms in common areas are left open to avoid manipulating handles when washing hands.
  • The cleaning carts used by Housekeeping are cleaned regularly and all the materials used are disinfected after each use.
  • The supply of the different products enabling the application of the protocols is regularly checked.

Commun areas

Restaurants and Kitchen :

  • The breakfast buffet is replaced by a table service. Hot fares (eggs, pancakes,…) are provided at the live cooking station, with a regulated access
  • The tables at the restaurants and bar are arranged in order to ensure social distancing between each table. Volume of bookings taken at the restaurant is also adjusted in order to take into account the loss of seats available.
  • When possible, bookings are spread across the entire opening hours of the restaurant in order to avoid bottlenecks and ensure smooth customer arrivals.
  • Chairs and tables are disinfected before and after each service, and after they were used by our hosts.
  • Individual menus at the restaurants are replaced by a slate menu handled only by our staff. Guests are also encouraged to consult the menus on their phone by scanning a QR code available on each table.
  • For the signature of the guest at the bottom of a bill, a specific pen is set aside after each use for disinfection (beginning and end of service). Bill’s boxes are disinfected after each use.
  • For the beverages (water, wine), bottles are brought to the table on a tray, and placed on a stand equipped with a hand disinfection station. (Hydroalcoholic gel)
  • Waiters systematically disinfect their hands before carrying a dish from the kitchen to the table, or when bringing a drink from the bar counter to the table. Hands are also disinfected after cleaning plates or removing used catering linen.
  • During the service, regular cleaning of contact areas of the coffee machines, water dispensers, refrigerator handles, worktops…
  • In the kitchen, the staff is wearing masks, charlotte or cap, aprons. Regular disinfection of worktops, contact areas, handles,…

Spa :

  •  Management of the bookings in order to limit the number of people present at the same time in the spa area.
  • Information sheet filled by our therapists.
  • A shower is mandatory before entering the treatment area.
  • Therapists hands are systematically disinfected before and after a treatment.
  • Changing rooms and toilets are disinfected after each use.
  • The different essential oils available are presented by our therapists to our guests, in order to limit handling of the bottles.
  • Pools: the resting areas around the pools have been designed in order to ensure social distancing between sunbeds.
  • Fitness room : access limited to 4 people at the same time. Hosts are encouraged to disinfect fitness equipment before and after each use.
  • Playroom : access limited to 3 people at the same time.


1/ Appointment of health and safety representative in each hotel’s department.
Ideally these tutors are mainly from the Social and Economic Committee (SEC) of the hotel, thus allowing a link with the missions of the latter, in particular those of its former name CHSCT.

This health and safety committee is led by the hotel manager and his QSE manager (Quality Safety Environment) and has the following missions:

• Daily check-up of the application in each service of the good practices described in this guide.

  • Training of all the employees to the procedures put in place.
    • Supply and inventory of the products required for the application of the procedures (hydro-alcoholic gel, distributor of soap, masks, gloves, etc.)

In each meeting of the SEC (i.e. at least 6 per year), the protocols implemented, the organizational constraints, areas for improvement, adequacy between materials and human resources are closely monitored.

Any emergency, modification of a protocol linked to a new internal organizational process or new equipment for example, can be the subject of an extraordinary work meeting of this committee organized as soon as possible.

2/ Compliance with social distancing rules and barrier gestures by all team members, with provision of hydroalcoholic gel in all departments.

Wearing a mask is recommended on workstations when in direct contact with customers, or when social distancing cannot be applied.

3/ Work schedules and breaks are arranged in order to avoid arrival at the same time and

limit the numbers of people using changing rooms or resting areas at the same time.

4/ Tools and work stations are allocated individually to each of our employees whenever possible.


5/ Simple and transparent internal communication : the health and safety tutors in each department are in charge of information related to the measures taken through clear displays, within their service or towards customers in common areas.


  • A specific area is dedicated to goods’delivery. The delivery must be made exclusively in this area and no associate must be close to the delivery person during the process.
  • Only the storekeeper in charge of receiving and checking the goods can be at contact, respecting physical distances.
  • The persons delivering goods to the hotel are invited to wear a mask during the delivery. They are not allowed to enter the hotel premises. (storage areas, kitchen,etc.)
  • Regarding the linen deliveries, clean linen is delivered under covers, the dirty linen is either treated on site in the hotel laundry, or treated by an external company. In all cases, specific clean / dirty areas are defined in order to avoid contact between the two areas.
  • The frequency of orders for all services combined has been reduced in order to limit the number of deliveries and the resulting flows, as well as the multiplication of contacts and handlings.
  • These measure have been communicated to all our suppliers.


  • Any employee at home presenting symptoms such as fever, cough, difficulty breathing is invited not to go to his workplace and to consult a doctor without delay, to be screened on prescription and isolate himself .
  • Any employee presenting the same symptoms at work must immediately report them to his manager, a lifeguard first aid worker (OHS) or to a hotel health and safety representative.
  • Hosts are also encouraged to do the same and report it immediately to hotel staff.
  • The person is then isolated in a dedicated room (meeting room) with immediate application of barrier gestures, keeping a reasonable distance of at least 1-meter with the representative person (manager or health and safety representative) accompanying him/her in this room. Wearing a mask is mandatory for both persons. The representative remains with him/her for the entire duration of the process.
  • In the absence of any severe symptom, the employee or the client concerned is asked to contact their doctor for medical advice. If the absence of any severe symptom is confirmed, his/her way back home is organized avoiding public transport. The occupational health service is systematically informed if the case concerns an associate.
  • If there is any sign of severe symptom (for example respiratory distress), the SAMU (15) is immediately contacted by our teams.
  • After the person is taken in charge by the health services, a complete cleaning and disinfection of the space used for isolation is immediately carried out.